This special program of insurance is specifically designed for a School Support Group, PTO or Booster Club. The program is available and administered in most states by R.V. Nuccio & Associates Inc. and is endorsed by the NABCA (North American Booster Club Assocation). We have found R.V. Nuccio & Associates Inc. insurance coverage provided under this policy to be the best, broadest and least expensive insurance coverage currently available to PTAs within the U.S.

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The following five coverage options are available:

  • Liability Plus - $155.00
    Commercial General Liability insurance protection with limits of $1,000,000/$2,000,000 Per Occurrence/Annual Aggregate for each participating NABCA Booster Club. Please read the Coverage Summary for more details.

    Did you know that the Booster Club President, and all other officers and directors of the Booster Club can be personally and individually named, in a lawsuit placing their personal assets at risk (home, vehicles, savings, attachment of future wages and earnings of both individual and spouse)? Protect your personal assets, your Booster Club and your school district from the threat of financial loss and lawsuits. Our Booster Club insurance program is specifically created for NABCA Booster Clubs nationwide. We offer Booster Club liability, crime and business personal property insurance.

  • Bonding Plus - $70.00
    Crime insurance protection including coverage for Employee Dishonesty (volunteers as employees), Forgery or Alteration, and Theft, Disappearance And Destruction Of Money And Securities. Please read the Coverage Summary for more details.

  • Property Plus - $100.00
    Business Personal Property replacement cost (new for old) insurance protection, which includes coverage for earthquake. Please read the Coverage Summary for more details.

  • Accident Medical Plus - $98.00
    Medical expense coverage which helps to avoid lawsuits and provides insurance coverage for out-of-pocket medical expenses resulting from an accident at a sponsored activity or covered event.

  • Directors & Officers Liability Plus - $50.00
    Directors and Officers Liability insurance protection with limits of $1,000,000 Per Occurrence for each participating School Support Group, PTO or Booster Club





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We provide links to insurance programs specifically designed for our member Nonprofit Organizations consisting of optional General Liability, Bonding and Property insurance coverages.


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